Here at Ferryside Garage we service and repair all makes of cars. Car manufacturers vary as to the time and mileage intervals for vehicle servicing. If you have a service handbook, details of the service schedule will be in this. Hopefully, the service history will have been kept up-to-date.

As a car gets older, invariably more maintenance will be required. Often the recommended service intervals may have been appropriate for the car in its early years, but eventually, as the mileage has increased, long service intervals can mean that potential problems are not recognised.

The amount of mileage you do in a year may vary greatly from the recommended service mileage interval.

We are happy to discuss your car's needs. Having over 30 years experience, we have worked on many different makes, models and know their individual requirements.

Ferryside Garage is a family-run business and we aim to give our customers quality service and peace of mind. So please, if you have any motoring problems or queries, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our members of staff - we are here to help you.

Genuine Service Parts

We can service your new car using the criteria that your dealership uses, at a fraction of the cost and not invalidate your warranty. We use genuine manufacturer parts that ensure that your new car is properly maintained with the warranty intact.

Our servicing package includes the following inspections:

As well as these we follow the service schedule according to the type of vehicle that you have. This will always include an oil change and may require among other items:

What is the purpose of the service?

Within the service we check and test an extensive list of items that are liable to wear over time (a service check-list is available): for example, brake components - these may involve visual checks or testing. Certain recommended service items are replaced: for example, engine oil, filters and spark plugs. Additional service items are replaced at different service intervals according to age and mileage; for example: cam belt, anti-freeze and brake fluid change.

SERVICING IS PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - it allows us to identify potential problems and forewarn you of any likely maintenance expense. Often breakdowns or major problems arise because early warning signs were not detected.

I have just purchased the car - what service should I have?

The car may not have a service history; therefore we recommend that you let us carry out a major service initially. This way we can assess its overall condition. When the vehicle is returned to you, we will have carried out a thorough inspection, enabling us to report on further maintenance needs.